Design and Manufacture The Polyurethane Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags

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Design and Manufacture The Polyurethane Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags

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Application: Design and Manufacture The Polyurethane Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags


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Design and Manufacture The Polyurethane Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags


Design and Manufacture The Polyurethane Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags

An isostatic pressing mold is a mold that uses high-pressure hydrostatic pressure to accurately shape powder. The following are some key points regarding the design and manufacturing of isostatic pressing molds:


Determine the mold material: Select the appropriate material, such as steel, cemented carbide, etc., according to the powder properties and molding requirements.

Determine mold size: Design the size and structure of the mold based on product size and production needs.

Optimize the mold structure: The structure of the isostatic mold should be as simple and reasonable as possible to reduce pressure loss and frictional resistance.

Determine pressure parameters: According to the properties of the powder and molding requirements, select appropriate pressure parameters, such as pressure size, pressure time, etc.


Processing: Process the mold according to the design drawings to ensure accuracy and surface finish.

Assembly: Assemble the processed mold parts to ensure their sealing and stability.

Debugging: Perform a pressure test on the assembled mold to check for leaks and other phenomena.

Care and maintenance: Carry out regular maintenance and care on the mold to ensure its long-term stable operation.

The design and manufacturing of powder isostatic pressing precision molding molds require comprehensive consideration of many factors, including the properties of the powder, molding requirements, pressure parameters, etc. At the same time, the material selection, structural design, processing and assembly of the mold also need to be strictly controlled to ensure the quality and stability of the mold.

Polyurethane isostatic mold is a polymer material mold with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation. It is made of polyurethane elastomer material and manufactured through high-temperature vulcanization molding process. This kind of mold has the characteristics of high precision, high strength and high wear resistance, and can be widely used in isostatic pressing molding processes in ceramics, glass, metal, composite materials and other industries. Compared with traditional metal molds, polyurethane isostatic molds have higher molding accuracy and longer service life. At the same time, it also has excellent elasticity and plasticity and can adapt to the molding process of various complex shapes. In addition, polyurethane isostatic pressing molds have a short processing cycle and low manufacturing costs, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Therefore, polyurethane isostatic pressing molds have been widely used and promoted in industrial production.

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