Selection of isostatic pressing equipment

Author:Selection of isostatic pressing equipment     Date Posted:14 Jul 2022

Selection of isostatic pressing equipment

The isostatic press is mainly composed of elastic mold, cylinder block (high pressure container), frame, hydraulic system, etc.

(1) Elastic mold. The best choice is polyurethane, followed by rubber or resin. The size and shape of the material particles have a great influence on the life of the mold. Mold design is the key to isostatic pressing, because the precision and density uniformity of the blank size are closely related to the mold. When the material is loaded into the mold, the edges and corners are not easy to be filled by the material. Vibration charging can be used, or while vibrating and vacuuming, the effect is better.

(2) Cylinder block. Containers that can withstand high pressure. There are generally two structural forms: one is made of two layers of simplified heat-loading, the inner cylinder is in a state of compression, and the outer cylinder is in a state of tension. This structural form is only suitable for small and medium-sized isostatic pressing equipment; the other One is to use steel wire prestressed winding structure, use high-strength alloy steel with good mechanical properties as the core, and then use high-strength steel wire to wrap around the outside of the core barrel according to the prestressing requirements to form a steel wire layer of a certain thickness, so that the core barrel can withstand a lot of stress. large compressive stress. Even under working conditions, it is not subjected to tensile stress or very small tensile stress, and this vessel has a high fatigue life and can be manufactured with larger diameter vessels. Both the upper and lower stoppers of the container are movable, and when pressurized, the upper and lower stoppers transmit the force to the rack.

(3) Frame. There are two structural forms: one is a laminated structure, which is made of medium-strength steel plates; the other is a winding frame structure, which is prestressed with high-strength steel wires after being assembled by two semicircular beams and two columns. wrapped. This structure has reasonable stress, high fatigue resistance, and safe and reliable work.

(4) Hydraulic system. It consists of low-pressure pump, high-pressure pump, booster and various valves. The oil is supplied by the low-pressure pump with a large flow at the beginning. After reaching a certain pressure, the oil is supplied by the high-pressure pump. If the pressure is higher, the pressure of the oil will be increased by the supercharger. The working medium can be water or oil.

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