The isostatic pressing for ceramics

Author:The isostatic pressing for ceramics     Date Posted:13 Jul 2022

The isostatic pressing for ceramics

The process can be summarized as first filling the powder into the rubber sleeve of the applicable product size, and then placing the rubber sleeve in a high-pressure container, using the incompressible properties of the liquid medium and the property of uniform pressure transmission to uniformly press the rubber sleeve from all directions, The pressure is about 200 tons.

When the liquid medium is injected into the pressure container through the pressure pump, according to the principle of fluid mechanics, its pressure is constant and uniformly transmitted to all directions. At this time, the powder in the high-pressure container is subjected to pressure in all directions are uniform and consistent in size.


The method of forming a dense body from the ceramic powder by the above method is called isostatic pressing. Simply put, the blank is formed by placing the mold in a high-pressure vessel, sealing it, and applying pressure to the mold.


Isostatic pressing is mostly used for the production of some simple and large-scale ceramic products. The ceramics formed in this way have uniform density, are not easily deformed by sintering, and have high quality of formed ceramics.

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