Types of isostatic pressing and the material of isostatic pressing mold

Author:Types of isostatic pressing and the material of isostatic pressing mold     Date Posted:14 Jul 2022

Types of isostatic pressing and the material of isostatic pressing mold

  1. Classification of isostatic pressing

Wet isostatic pressing, which is to encapsulate the pre-pressed blanks in an elastic Hidesh isostatic pressing mold, and then place them in a high-pressure container, which is filled with liquid medium. The formed body is in a high-pressure liquid, and all sides are evenly pressed, so it is called wet isostatic pressing. After pressurization, the pressure can be released, the upper cover head is opened, the mold is taken out, and the formed blank is taken out from the mold.

Dry isostatic pressing is relatively speaking, that is, the molds are not all in a high-pressure liquid medium, but are semi-stationary, so that the addition of blanks and the removal of blanks are operated in a dry state. Dry isostatic pressing is a quasi-isostatic pressing with a moulded bag made of polyurethane. When the dry mold bag is pressed and clamped by the upper and lower punches, the high-pressure liquid is input into the surrounding of the dry mold bag, so that the ceramic powder is formed by uniform pressure. Dry isostatic presses can be made into automated continuous presses suitable for mass production.

2. The material of the isostatic pressing mold

Isostatic pressing molds work under high pressure and need to have good springback, tear resistance and oil and water resistance. Traditional isostatic pressing molds use rubber, silicone, etc., which have some inevitable shortcomings due to the characteristics of the material itself. Until a manufacturer developed a polymer material specifically for isostatic pressing molds—polyurethane, which greatly improved the performance of isostatic pressing molds in various aspects such as life and molding effect. Of course, this polyurethane is not an ordinary polyurethane material. It is a material specially developed for the use of isostatic pressing molds, and the molding process of isostatic pressing molds has been manufactured.

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