Isostatic Press and Isostatic Pressing Process

Author:Isostatic Press and Isostatic Pressing Process     Date Posted:25 Jul 2022

Isostatic Press and Isostatic Pressing Process

     An isostatic press is a molding equipment that operates under high pressure. Isostatic pressing is to place the object to be processed in a specific mold, and then put the mold containing the workpiece into a closed container full of liquid, and gradually pressurize it through the pressurization system, and transmit the pressure through the liquid, so that the Each surface of the object is subjected to equal static pressure, product varieties: ceramic plunger, ceramic pump core, ceramic valve core, ceramic piston, ceramic bushing, ceramic suction cup, microporous ceramics, etc.; materials: alumina, zirconia, Silicon nitride, silicon carbide. And the process of forming under the constraints of the mold.

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     The isostatic press is based on Pascal's principle and is used to form various powder products under high pressure. The finished product has good isotropy, and has a good effect on parts with high performance requirements, complex shapes and large slenderness ratios. The advantages of an isostatic press are: skill, energy consumption, low failure rate, application stability, ease of use and repair, security, long life and durability, and uniform compaction density.

     Hot isostatic pressing is a sintering process. The product is placed in a closed container, and equal pressure is applied to the product in all directions, and high temperature is applied together. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the product can be sintered and densified. The warm isostatic pressing machine uses the principle of isostatic pressure in all directions in the liquid medium to achieve isostatic pressing of powder materials. The PLG-based electrical control system is used to complete the action control of the heating charging and discharging system, supercharger, hydraulic station and other actuators, and then complete the pressure control in the high-pressure working cylinder. Cold isostatic pressing technology is to use rubber or plastic as packaging mold material at room temperature, with liquid as pressure medium, and the general operating pressure is 100MPa-630MPa. Sweden is the first country in the world to successfully study and produce isostatic presses, with a high level of quality and a large export volume. As early as 1939, it developed a cold isostatic pressing machine, and after the 1960s, it was engaged in the development of hot isostatic pressing.

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     Jiangsu High Industry on the research and development and production of high-performance polyurethane isostatic pressing molds. Through in-depth cooperation with many isostatic pressing equipment manufacturers and in-depth study of the industry, the developed isostatic pressing polyurethane mold series products have the characteristics of long service life, high precision, small deformation, easy demoulding, etc., and are widely used in ceramics, etc. Static pressing mould, cemented carbide isostatic pressing mould, rare earth permanent magnet material isostatic pressing mould, graphite isostatic pressing mould, etc.


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