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Author:Professional Isostatic Pressing Mold Manufacturer - Jiangsu High Industry     Date Posted:15 Jul 2022

Professional Isostatic Pressing Mold Manufacturer - Jiangsu High Industry

    Jiangsu High Industry CO.,Ltd a professional isostatic pressing mold manufacturer, customizes the production of isostatic pressing molds according to user needs, and solves various problems encountered by customers in isostatic pressing. The mold has the advantages of good molding effect and long service life.

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Through cooperation with many isostatic pressing equipment manufacturers and in-depth study of the industry, the isostatic pressing polyurethane mold series products we have developed have the characteristics of long service life, high precision, small deformation, easy demoulding, etc., and are widely used in ceramics, etc. Static pressing mould, cemented carbide isostatic pressing mould, rare earth permanent magnet material isostatic pressing mould, graphite isostatic pressing mould, etc.

Product overview: Isostatic pressing rubber mold is used for the molding of ceramic materials, tungsten and molybdenum materials, graphite materials, refractory materials, and alloy powders. It can be customized according to drawings, and can be designed according to samples.

Product features: The deformation of the elastic mold under the pressure of the liquid medium is transmitted to the powder in the mold. The friction between the powder and the mold wall is small, the blank is uniformly stressed, and the density distribution is uniform, and the pre-pressed blank is encapsulated. In the elastic rubber mold, it is put into the high-pressure cylinder after sealing, and the green body is compressed and formed by liquid transfer.

Product advantages: The design of the mold cover is reasonable to ensure no water leakage, the blank is well formed, and the service life is long, including the fixture for processing the blank, which can be customized.

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High resilience, fatigue resistance, low deformation rate, easy demoulding, suitable for pressing ceramic product blanks, graphite products, cemented carbide and other non-standard powder molding by dry bag and wet isostatic presses.

Polyurethane isostatic pressing mould has high resilience, fatigue resistance, low deformation rate and easy demoulding.

High molding precision and smooth surface. The surface of the mold itself is very smooth and dense, the surface of the pressed product is smooth, the appearance is beautiful, the post-processing is less, and the cost is saved.

The mold itself is easy to form, and the cost of making the special-shaped part mold is low and the efficiency is high. Before the polymer material is made into a mold, the form is liquid, and it can be made into molds of various shapes. The cost of opening the mold is low and the production cycle is short.

The mold has good resilience, low deformation, aging resistance, long service life, and reduces production and use costs. The anti-oxidation and aging resistance of polymer materials are significantly stronger than those of traditional isostatic pressing rubber molds.

Oil resistance, chemical resistance, wide range of use, can be applied to a variety of working conditions.

Compared with steel molds and rubber molds, polymer isostatic pressing molds are easier to demould. The hardness of polymer materials can be adjusted. For some special-shaped molds, materials with lower hardness can be used, and demolding is very easy.

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